Starry Night

And so they sat, generations apart yet bonded in blood. They watched the sun set and the moon rise. Her blonde hair that shown so vividly had faded and moonlight now danced across his grey. The birds that were, had returned home to slumber, their young fed and no longer restless. The darkened plain held a warm silence as they watched the fireflies take flight and twirl in between the stars.

‘Purrrdy. What makes them so bright?’
‘Like us, they fell from stars. But, unlike us, they got to keep their shine.’
His granddaughter looked at him and he looked back.
‘Is that true?’
‘If you want it to be.’
She followed the trail of one of the bugs in thought.
‘I do.’ She thought again and looked up. ‘So if we came from up there…’ He watched her point at everything that is and ever was. ‘Why are we here?’
He was about to answer but fell silent. She reminded him of her. She had those same auburn eyes.
‘I wish you’d have met your grandmother.’
’Why’s that?’
‘She was my answer to everything.’

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