Post Apocalypse: Helium

What happened? Where is the coast line?
Father just took a picture, that was the flash, wasn’t it? Just taking more photos of Sophie and I?

I crawl to where Sophie was, and our sandcastle, only to be made aware of the thermal burns covering my body like a second skin.

The sand castle is gone. Just one glossy, rough, mass, like in National Geographic when they show the dried lava fields.

And then a mound. Two, actually; my molten sand castle, and Sophie. Nothing visible though, just where sand had melted. She’s a statue now.

I look to what could be the edge of the Earth to see the sun flirting with the horizon.

How is the sun still rising? There’s nothing to rise for.

The tainted water still flows, the now avocado-green clouds still smear the sky.

But for who? There must be another human being left on Earth, if you can even call it that anymore.

I’m on my feet now, but my brain trips along with my legs and I collapse to where Father was sitting.

Father’s gone. Sophie’s dead.
What about me?

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