Post Apocalypse: First of the Seconds

So I am hyrdogen, First of the Seconds.

Such mass destruction, such intense silence. Raya would laugh at that. She was always telling me not to slam the door on my way out.

I stood as tall as I could in the tiny cave I had been blown into. The minute pine splinters in my legs tingled and itched, like your arm when it falls asleep. I was most definetly awake, though.

Niter had dripped off of the rocks and into my wounds, making them even more excrutiating. I hope gangrene takes pity on me for awhile.

My back cracked as I stood up and crawled out of the cave. I felt like I was coming out of hibernation, or maybe a caveman coming out of his hut, or something of the like.

I could see for miles, even with my glasses absent. The entire forest was gone, charred. Every bush, every blade of grass was one the steaming ground. There’s my future.

Our God would be merciful enough to take all or nothing, wouldn’t He?
Probably not. He never has before.
Now to find The Rest.

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