Leave Me Alone

I left Sandra’s house, walked to her bus stop, and sent my brother the directions to come pick me up. I could’ve walked home, but I knew it would cause even more trouble. Finally, my older brother showed up in his Kia Soul and rolled down his window. “Get in” He told me coldly. I opened the car door, got in the car and slammed the door. “Dad’s been wondering where you were” The first thing he said to me in the car. I shrugged. “Oh. Why?” I asked. I really knew why. Dad was an impatient man who always wanted me out the house, but when I left, he always complained that I was being “rebellious” by leaving without permission.
In reality, there had been plenty of times when I had told him I was leaving. When responding, he only waved his hand saying “Why’re ya telling me?”
We pulled in the driveway slowly. My brother and I got out, he unlocked the door, and we walked in. My father was sitting in his old arm chair. “We’ve got to talk” He told me calmly, for once.
I just wanted to be alone then. By myself.

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