So Many Questions

In the middle of the night, I climbed out my window. I needed to talk to someone. I couldn’t talk to my brother because he would tell dad . If I told my dad, well.. I’ll leave that to percolate. I needed to talk to Sandra. It took me half an hour to walk to Sandra’s. I climbed the on the smallest roof and looked in the window. Her blinds were open, but the lights were off and she was sleeping. I knock on the window loudly. She sprung up and looked towards me. She look afraid, but walked towards the window and opened it.
“James?” She whispered incredulously. “Let me in” I told her. She pulled me in and closed the window. “Why are you here?!” She whispered. “Can we talk?” I asked. She sighed heavily. “S-sure” She agreed. Sandra shook rapidly. I assumed it was because she was afraid her parents would come in. I hugged her. “I’m sorry.” I said quietly. Her body was so frail, I felt as if could break her. She pushed me away. “Just talk.” She said tediously.

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