Time to Formulate a Plan

As I woke up, light flooded the room. I heard someone come closer to me and sit on the bed. “Good morning” said Sandra softly. I lifted my head and I was so happy to see her smiling. She had bowl of cereal with her. “It’s for you” She said, laying it on my lap. I smiled warmly. “Thank you” I said calmly. I wondered if her parents knew I was here. Sandra handed me a notebook. “We’ve got school today” She said, as she pulled me up. I knew this already, but to hear her say it made me sick. I ran my hands through my messy dark brown hair. I hadn’t washed it in a week. Then, I got up and put on my navy blue coat and my black timberlands. Sandra and I walked toward the bus stop together. 3 girls were staring at Sandra rudely. After feeling their stares, Sandra slumped timidly. “Is there a problem?” I said loudly. The girls turned around and I took Sandra’s arm in mine as the bus came. On the bus, I sat next to her. 2 guys kept throwing paper at her, and laughed at her. She sighed and slumped timidly again.

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