Inpromto Performance (Combining sentence Challenge)

I was laying out on my front yard on a towel, in my bathing suit trying to tan. I had my headphones in and was blasting my iPod. My eyes were closed and I was humming the tune to the song that was playing.

I was really getting into it and belting the lyrics out loud.

“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. And their like; it’s better than yours”

When the song ended I heard someone laughing nearby. I opened my eyes and bolted upright. A couple of guys had their phones out and were video recording me as I sang to myself.

My face turned bright red, and I grabbed my stuff and ran inside. There were tears burning my eyes. Not even thirty minutes later I got five texts from different people telling me that I was an amazing singer. When I asked them what they there talking about, they told me there was a video of me posted on Youtube. I was so embarrassed, but was very grateful I had been blessed with a good voice.

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