Chronicles Of Millie and Me Chapter 10

Cuthridge, Victoria, Australia
Tuesday March 25th 1997

“Demetri if you don’t go to bed now you’ll get up in the morning and you have to finish your essay before the end of the school term. Now you can stay up and not be ready tomorrow, but I am going to bed and so is your father. Goodnight Demetri” yells his mother as her voice trails down the hallway and fades away.

“Good night Mum” You forgot to Mention Millie knowing you you’d probably think she sleeps too as Millie Appears just as he is muttering those very words under his breath.

“Demetri what are you doing? You know how you don’t cope well when staying up late. You will end up grumpier than Oscar the grouch in the morning again and that’s if you wake up at all.

“I’ll get up I always do, you’ll see it’ll be the same as last time and the time before that. I always make it when I have late nights like this” States Demetri confidently.

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