The Blanket Thief (Challenge Re-Post)

As I sleep, a thief appears and robs me of blankets, leaving me cold and shivering.

I have inquired of my partner who insists on denial, claiming that she sleeps perfectly still and has no need for my coverings as she has her own. Despite my regular morning interrogations, I have not yet extruded a confession. Alas, I am re-directed to an unknown source of criminality.

I have tried many a night to stake out and await this thief. However, I am not successful in capturing the fiend because he eludes my grasp or my mind wanders over to slumber. However, the result continues to be same.

I have tried to secure said blanket beneath the mattress. I have slept in a manner entwined with the blankets. I have wrapped the blankets around my sides in a manner such like a burrito. I have set a trap of items on the floor to thwart any attempts, but they are eluded every night.

With the sun peering through the shade, my cold, clammy skin shimmers with shivers. I sigh. And, I cry out, “Someday, you’ll pay!”

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