A Little Girl's Passion

A passion started as a little girl
With a sentence here or a story there
Growing stronger after every word
More confident, more in-tune
The critiques of others pushing harder
Propelling forward every day
On and on her words did flow
Weaving stories, pictures, dreams
Every character hers alone
Part of her and her part of them
Bonds did form from her writing spree
Sisters, friends, and loves
But then the site was destroyed
A fear spread throughout the community
Where to go and what to do?
The dark days spread as we resorted to paper and pen
A new site was born, but it just wasn’t the same
Others went back, but she couldn’t find her place
The creativity slowly leaking
As the words stopped cold in her head
Little pieces of unfinished stories formed
Until the day she came to find
A masterpiece! At least, all done
Her novel completed, energy raging strong
So on and on her words did flow
As the little girl grew and continues to grow

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