A Full Life's Plan

I try to have a plan
To know what I will do and when
When I figure out the “what” I will know the “how”
And once I have set my plan
It is hard to get me off
I don’t like not being on track
It brings up uncontrollable doubt
I worry and I fret
Afraid nothing will go right
I have my plans all set
School all week, college after that
A nursing degree, once in hand,
On to the next step is the plan
Nurse anesthetist is the ultimate goal
To work in an operating room
So close to the patient at hand
A husband is next on my list
Followed soon by a couple of kids
Vacations and trips around the world
All fit nicely into my detailed plan
See the world and show it to my kids
Raise them well, live to see grandkids
I have my life mapped out, with negatives not scheduled in
I plan to live life to its fullest; that is my goal
But even my detailed plan,
Has room for changes and edits and mistakes
I will not let life pass me by, even if it wasn’t written in my plan
So my true plan is simple
Just live how I want to live

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