The Plan Takes an Unexpected Turn

When the bus dropped us off, Sandra and I walked toward the entrance. Since I threatened the 3 kids on the bus, they hadn’t bothered Sandra again. I made Sandra promise to meet me out in the front after school. In the halls, I ran into a certain boy I had a grudge against. His name was Jamal. I dropped my books, and dropped to my knees. As I hastily picked them up, he pushed them to the side with his foot. “Hey, why’d the hell you run into me?” He said belligerently. “I’m not in the mood for a fight” I told him. Standing up and pushing him aside. He grabbed my collar. Suddenly, Sandra appeared behind him. “Stop being stupid Jamal” She said, grabbing his hand. Jamal grabbed her glasses, threw them, and pushed her on the ground. “Mind your damn business” That’s how it started. I grabbed Jamal’s head and slammed it into a locker repeatedly. Ironically, the principal walked by. “James, Jamal, and um..uh you, girl, in my office” She said sternly. This was going to ruin the plan I had so perfectly orchestrated.

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