I Need to Run

Waiting in her office, I pressed my hands in my forehead. The principal walked in the room, with a phone in her hand. “James, Jamal, this is the 8th fight you’ve been in the two years you’ve been here and I’m getting tired of this. Maybe I should tell your parents” She explained. “Please Mrs. Sylvan, don’t. You don’t need to” I said, sounding tired. Jamal sighed heavily, and began to shake his leg. He was suffering from the infamous ADD. Mrs. Sylvan gave me a bad look, got up, dialed the numbers on her phone.
We were all sent home early, including Sandra. My brother drove me home, in silence. As we entered the house, I under came a sudden sadness. I didn’t wanna be here. After having my dad yell at me for 2 hours, I got sent to my room without food. I needed to escape my life. To be someone else. I was sick of being James Oliver Moore. I wanted something else. If life gave me lemons, I would trade them in for apples and make applesauce. I wanted to be free of these people holding me down. I’ll escape myself.

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