James Moore is Dead

I sneaked into the closet where my dad kept his hair dye. That stuff was his “Fountain of Youth”.
I also took a couple of his shirts along with mine and I packed them. I dyed my hair black and took my packed clothes, food, and- oh I needed some support. My dad was sleeping on the couch so I could go into his room. As I entered, I observed that his room was dark and messy. Food, beer cans, and clothes were scattered everywhere. I took about 200 dollars from his wallet. I knew it wasn’t enough, but I needed it.
I needed a new identity. I needed to escape James Moore. As I looked in the mirror, I concluded that James Oliver Moore was dead and that Anthony Cameron Martinez had taken his place. I put the money in my pocket, took my bags, and sneaked out the house through my window. I was ready for my new life.

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