Come with Me

I wanted Sandra to come with me so I went to convince her. Although, I knew this was an impossibility, it couldn’t hurt to try. I climbed on her “sub-roof” and knocked on her window. She opened it and jumped. “James, your hair…” She said as she stared. “Pull me in” I commanded.
She pulled me in, shut the window and cut on her light. “James, what are you doing?” She asked. “My name’s Anthony now and I’m leaving” I told her. She looked incredulous.
“Where?!” She exclaimed. “Boston! Or Chicago. Maybe Miami. I haven’t thought it through that much.” I said feeling unsure. “Are you crazy?! You’re a kid!” She whispered loudly. “Yeah, but I need to go. I’m sick of being with a family who doesn’t care about me. I want something else.” I told her, feeling more confident with my reasoning.
“James, this is crazy. Stop this.” She demanded. “Come with me Cass, it’ll be a chance to find ourselves.” I offered. She shook her head. “Please just walk me to the train.” I asked. “Alright, but lemme cut your hair” she said

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