Lord of the Cacophonous Classroom

The teenagers clambered into the English classroom like a pack of wild buffalo rather in than AP English students. Jonathan Mathews thumped fellow football teammate on the head and Leila Brown flirted openly and shamelessly with the class clown. The cacophony of the classroom didn’t stop after the final bell rang – the student probably didn’t even hear the thing over all their noise.

Ms. Bennett watched the rowdy group from her desk in silence. A part of her wished the thermos on her desk contained straight vodka instead of water. Her fingers thumbed through the book that the class was reading, The Lord of the Flies, and her brain started to think of a plan.

Right now the classroom was almost identical to the beach in the later part of the novel and Ms. Bennett, a fan of letting learning come through all five senses, took the vuvuzela she confiscated earlier in the week and without warning blew into it with all her might. Everyone suddenly became silent and Ms. Bennett smiled. After all, it is Wednesday.

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