Nothing Else Mattered

“I think I just need some time to warm up.” She gulped and ran into the hallway.

Sitting down at the practice piano she placed her trembling hands on the keys and started to play. Her breath got stuck in her throat and her brain froze. ‘Count the keys… count the keys.’

From baritone to hi-soprano she counted all the keys, black and white, all the octaves and all the letters. She breathed in and out as she touched each key and her legs no longer felt like jelly by the time she pressed the highest ‘A.’

“You can do this.” She whispered and began to play the first chord. “You got this.”

She played her piece and gave into the music. The melody carried her away and she floated into the harmony. The music was as real as anything, colorful and weaving stories in the minds of all who could hear the gentle song. The pianist didn’t notice the room filling up; she didn’t notice all the people watching her in awe and wonder. She just played, and that was enough. The music filled the room and nothing else mattered.

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