She said... No

“I told my daughter about you.” the words fell off her tongue slowly, she watched his face with every syllable for signs of discomfort or unusual movement.

He was silent for a long time, taking it all in. This simple six word sentence was almost catastrophic. It felt like the universe was expanding between and around them, pushing out from their veins and spreading out – like a crack in a glass window, pressing into the stillness of the air and breathing forth new cosmic energies previously unfounded.

Words seemed too mortal for this moment and silence lingered, full and heavy upon the two people. The phrase enveloped them and it was like a mass of energy coming together at full speed. The silence was the only thing keeping everything together in this moment.

It was the sound of the wind whistling through the screen door that broke the spell and it was the wind that carried back their voices.

“Rachel?” his voice was but a whisper. “What… did she say?”

“She said…” she looked right at him. “She said… no.”

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