I pressed the glowing submit button and tilted back my chair. Swiveling the chair I stared at the space of white wall I’d spent the morning clearing. “A goal, now I have a goal.”

An email popped into my inbox confirming the order I’d just made. I skimmed the details and saved the mailing. Extra small black and white dress. Quantity: 1. That was the plan. Order a dress that would be too small so I’d have a proper goal. This is the first time I’ve done something like this and I feel a sudden burst of excitement about my plan.

Lying down on my purple yoga mat I gaze at the empty wall, pretending my dress is already hanging there, as I do some crunches. “…ninetynine… onehundred.” I breathe and roll over to do a quick five sit ups.

By the time prom rolls around I’ll be thin. I’ll look at that dress and know I can do it. Everyone will be so proud of me for losing the extra weight and when I’m dancing in that dress I’ll feel so special, like a shining star.

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