Earlier Saturday Morning

I replayed yesterday over in my mind.

She promised to take me hiking, said we would ‘talk’. The sun was shining after the storm and we pointed out the newly fallen trees. I found a nest with eggs.

“I bet that momma bird is missing her babies,” she’d said. I thought about how much I missed my mother and finally the tears came. I guess they’d been 2 years coming.

After my huge cry, she said she knew this great waterfall that had to be swollen after the rain we had. When we got there she said, “I know I’m not your momma, but I love your daddy very much.” She gave me a bracelet.

“Just because you married him doesn’t mean I forgive you.”
“For what?”
“For killing my mother.”
“I didn’t..”
“YES YOU DID! Momma and Daddy were arguing about YOU! That’s why she drove off and got in an accident!”

I could still see the look of horror on the whores face as I shoved her in the canal. Only a gold digger like that would assume I could be bought off by the price of a Hannah Montana bracelet. She was wrong, dead wrong.

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