The Anthromamologist

Two women sat on a pristine beach sipping margaritas, watching the young boy dig in the sand with his bright yellow plastic shovel.
“So you were the kids’ godmother and when the father committed..the S word, you were left everything?”
“No the kid was left everything. I am his gaurdian.”
“Dang, all that from being a godmother! Who would have thought?” she looked at the determined child.
“Why did the dad, do it?”
“Well they think it was because the mom ran off a few months back and he was just busted up about it.”
The Godmother watched as her friend approached the boy.
“What you doing ?”
"Playing anthromamologist,” he said.
“What you digging up?”
The boy’s answer couldn’t be heard over the waves.
“What did he say?” asked the Godmother.
The woman peered at the porcelain white sandy face at the bottom of the hole and replied. ”Mommy.”

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