Drawing the line

Out there, in our world of office buildings, of cubicles, of day after day after day repeating a meaningless task, we can lose our focus-our reason for being. We feel like cogs in a giant wheel, working towards an end that seems blurry and faint, for a reason that, once clear, is now unfathomable.
But rarely-once in a blue moon, once in a very long time, once in a lifetime-comes an opportunity, a possibility, which we seem destined, meant, to take. We come to realize that what we are doing is more important than our previous existences. Our mission is more essential than the corporations we served, longer lasting than the frail human politics that governed our lives, and more necessary than personal gain.
Rules cease to matter; our human limits can be pushed. All can be sacrificed if the need arises, since our mission is so urgent and essential.

But how far is too far to go?

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