Hi, I'm Khid.

Hey, I’m Khid. My life revolves arond drugs and stuff, whatevr my pimp daddy brings home. he dont bring home much, but he sure is a giver in bed. were really poor and i sell my abbortions to ppl. i been pregnent a trilliion times cuz i dont use a condem or anything, i have tons of stds like aids and shit.

im really fat, not even the cool kind. im so fat i use mattresses as tampons. i have absulotely no talent in anything, specially writing. i am such a slut, but whut would u accpect? my mom was, just read For Her. my dad dont love me, just read For Him. he is a drunk and shit and i want to be just like him.

im so reatrded. sooo yeah this is me, khid, and i hope u hate me cuz i hate eveything inclouding life.
so i gotta go fuck a bunny , siya.

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