The Loveless Vacation

Some say the house was haunted, but everyone knows all houses moan with grief and sigh with discontent when their owners are away. There was nothing special about this house; simply another box in Jersey that a young couple had bought because the City is no place to raise a family, and who wants all that craziness when there are children to be had?
The house belonged to Dr. and Mrs. Loveless. They had three children who were not yet old enough to recall the tales of their youth. In the good Dr.‘s study, there was an old mutt that was more trouble than he was worth, except he and he alone could prevent the rabbits from grazing on the lawn.
It was a certain warm day in March when Dr and Mrs. Loveless decided to vacation.
“Oh, that’s a wonderful idea!" exclaimed Mrs. Loveless, clapping her hands. “We have only to find someone to take care of the children and keep the old mutt out of my herb garden.”
The good Dr. nodded his head.
The house sighed.
“Shall we go someplace warm?” Mrs. Loveless smiled widely.

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