Rise and Burn

His eyes did bleed, a somber fire. Reeking of avarice, death, and desire.
Up from the ashes, the deathly phoenix came forth. Thus he did say," I shall burn thee with my breath, as a torch."
Wings of dark crimson and body, lacking heart. Up from a dark cave to the infernal sky did he start.
And the sun did rise, and the dark fire did stay. Still on Earth, where evil never fades away.
Solemn cities gone, absorbed and consumed. Inside the Phoenix passed are they entombed.
The Phoenix took all, and gave back just one thing: A tear, from his eye, which did spread and sing.
A soft melody spiraled across the land. From the center drew forth, nothing else but a hand.
The hand did shine, bright and pure. Light turned to solid; A man, I am sure.
Light after light, man after man. The hand did craft all that should inhabit this land.

Billions of souls, newly shaped into reality, watched their creator recede back into the tear from which it came. Returning to a soft ember, but doomed to return, for evil is man.

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