Ashes Remain: Chapter Two;; Part 1

I flew, taking the small cement stairs in great leaps. Eight flights later, I burst through a maintenance door, into one of the many side streets of the large city. Adrenaline pounded through my veins as I raced through the city streets, dodging the busy traffic. Car horns and bicyclists bellowed after my tall running frame. It couldn’t be. It can’t be gone! Panic scurried through my mind as I came upon the smoldering embers of my home, 17 city-blocks and twenty minutes later. Tears misted my icy orbs for the second time that day, as I dropped to my knees, before my mailbox, the last thing left on my property. That stung my hot face as an eerie breeze blew the glowing cinders and ash to life. A cough wracked my large, wiry body as the cloud made it’s way to me. I nodded in sad acceptance and stood. And suddenly, a little flicker caught my eye.

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