Peep Toe

Just a hint of perfectly manicured toenail peeked past the black patent leather as she stepped delicately out of the taxi, tucking the wool coat behind her legs and tipping the driver sparingly.

He grinned and she flushed, hands fluttering in irritation about her designer pocketbook after slamming the cab door none too gently. After many long years of practice, she could tell the cabbie knew why she was here, strutting with uncertain pride towards the gilded doors of another five star hotel.

They’re all the same, she thought, pulling the wool coat tight around her body, the thin silky dress doing nothing to protect her from the chilly city breeze. Arranging her face into a falsely innocent smile, she tried not to think about why the doorman winked as she passed.

They all want the same thing.

She was here to see that they paid for it.

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