It's Only Just Begun

I picked at the sea foam green scales now appearing on my forearm. Immortality is only one unsuspecting imbecile away. If only she could show up faster.

Even through the layers of concrete and brick my heightened senses could pick up her little lady-like footsteps. Probably wearing peep-toe heels. Always so dressed up, no where to go but this cornfield of a town.

“Hello? Eric?” she called through the colonial corridor. “I brought you a little treat.”

I licked my dry lips, nearly cutting myself on the prehistoric incisors that had replaced my pearly whites. The skin covering my neck was now taut, preparing for the formation of gils.Your attendance will be a treat in itself, my dearest.

“Why is it so dark down here? It’s hard enough to walk in these heels.”

A smile tugged at the edges of my mouth, or maybe it was just my jaws widening.

She rounded the corner and I pounced. Between obscenities, she gasped- “WE’RE DONE!”

One twist of the neck and she fell limp.
“No, my dearest. We have only begun.”

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