Tiny Janitor, Big Mess

Thank God she’s gone, and that she took that stupid mutt with her.

The crowd was finally starting to disperse as folks wandered back to their homes. They sure trampled the flowers something terrible, but Wendel wasn’t the gardener, so he didn’t care. He had more important matters to attend to. Namely, the giant house that lay smashed in the middle of the square.

Oh yes, and the squished corpse underneath it. Don’t forget that. The idiot coroner did his job and declared the broad dead (like there was any question – a flippin’ building landed on her from space). But evidently corpse cleanup fell under Wendel’s jurisdiction.

He looked around, hoping he’d see one of the members of the Architect Guild still out and about. Cleaning up a house left abandoned on the street was a bit out of his expertise. He saw Farfel from the Cupcake Guild, but no one from the AG. The AG crew was probably already at the pub.

Wendel started sweeping. Figures that the mayor downsized the Janitorial Guild just last week…

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