Get out alive

3 years had passed since I had last seen my brother.
It wasn’t safe for us to meet-but I had been playing it safe for 3 years, and frankly, I was sick of it. My informant told me that he was dying. So I went. One last chance for me to tell him that-finally-I understood why he had betrayed me. One last chance for me to say that I forgave him.
When I entered the room, it was obvious he wasn’t doing well. I closed and locked the door, and he woke-but even I could tell that he wasn’t going to stay awake for long.
“Hey, big bro. I heard the bad news. Came to say goodbye.”
“No time for goodbye,” He said, as he faded away. “It’s hard to imagine, but one day you’ll end up like me. Don’t put your life in someone’s hands-they’re bound to steal it away. Don’t hide your mistakes ‘cuz they’ll find you, burn you…”
Then he said, “If you want to get out alive, go, run for your life.”
2.5 seconds later, the window exploded and I was, once again, running for my life.
It just gets on my nerves when history repeats.

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