The Fire Inside

Standing behind the partition, I towel-dried my hair, wrapped my budding bosom tightly into a more masculine form, and dressed in my uniform.

“How much longer do you think you could keep this up? A year?” Martin’s voice echoed my very thoughts.

“Just until I make enough to buy my way aboard Exiter.”

“The transporter ship?! Come on, do you know what seats are going for?! Council members are selling their HOMES and living on credit to be the first on board!”

“But a recommendation from Captain Tec would get me on the crew!”

“Does he know you are a girl?!”

“Martin, there is NOTHING for me here! My family is dead, killed in the war that those very council members started. They are leaving us here to die, taking our jobs, our money, and leaving us a polluted shell of a planet. I can’t let them destroy the new one. This is my legacy. I am getting on that ship, and I am going to bring honor to my family’s name!”

“You’re going to start a coup? Petition for peace and rainbows?”

“I’m going to destroy the ship.”

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