Water Shed

When the Water Shed ran out of water we didn’t know what to do. It was a leftover from the old days, one of the things that we no longer remembered how to fix. We were told by the Old Timers that its name had once been a joke, but the meaning of it had been forgotten even before their grandparents were young, like many of the names of things. For instance, no-one on board the Ark knew what a Cow was, yet it was still used in every day speech. We were told not to have cows by the elders when we were angry, and one who had been forced into obedience was said to have been cowed. When the Water Shed broke, an alarm had gone off. It informed us of our limited water supply, which will run out soon. We had to stretch it out until we can fix it. So we started the executions. We picked those who had to give up there lives by age, only excepting the Grease Monkeys and Engineers, the ones who studied the devices of the Ship and kept them working. They have to fix it soon. Half of us have had to die already.

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