Approximately Underpants

“I will find you, and take back my underpants, you son of a bitch.”



Relax. I just left my underpants at my friend’s house, nothing serious. It’s only a silly text.
And, it remains quite non-serious, even through your inferred responsive thought process, which I’m sure went something like this: This narrator sounds like a man, and I’m guessing that his friend is also a man, so why, out of all the possible articles of clothing to be left at a man’s house by another man, would he leave his underpants at that previously mentioned abode? Then you probably thought I was totally gay, and then went into a connotative thought process, briefly scanning and reiterating to yourself what your feelings on homosexuals are. Now of course that’s all hypothetical.

Also, what if I were in fact a homosexual? Then you’d feel rather silly, good sir. Don’t cry. I’d be mostly harmless. However, I banged my girlfriend just last night, so I guess that one would be out.

Questions, my friend, are always encouraged.

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