The Hawk of China (Inspired by Dynasty Warriors)

Xan Hak’s spear found the last lieutenant’s fleshy stomach as a fraction of his army filed into the base. His speed, grace and cunning had earned him the title: “Hawk of China”. He was the only warrior that even the great Lu Bu feared. The day was won and Sun Ce’s forces swarmed over a new province of China: Chi Bi.

“There you go, another province!” Xan Hak was at council with Sun Ce and his other great generals, “I gave it to you practically single handedly!”

“That’s enough out of you!” yelled Lu Meng, “We all helped! You’re just one of many generals who helped capture Chi Bi!”

“Quiet… contributions aside, we must turn away from the past,” Sun Ce intervened, “And turn our thoughts towards the future. The sneak attack at Guan Du. Who do we send?”

“I’m fine with anyone, sir.”

Lu Meng’s eyes flashed. “I would recommend Xan Sei and Dian Chao, my liege.”

Xan Hak sat bolt upright. Sun Ce took his chief advisor’s words to heart, “Very well. Xan Sei and Dian Chao will lead the attack.”

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