Princess Pepper

As such as our tale continues to flow, our Anne and our fairy are both on the go. They travel by cart and they travel by train, they travel ‘neath sun and they travel ’neath rain. The travel by day and they travel by night, even travel by carpet endowed with powers of flight. It sounds quite dramatic and urgent and dire, but really not once was raised their joined ire. Smooth sailing it was (though sailing not taken), a trip most easy and pleasant if one’s not mistaken.

A week of straight travel has hereupon ended, sighting the castle, it’s cobblestones gleaming, its shrubbery tended. Our Anne was discretely whisked to the balcony of a redheaded maiden, her charming true love. This was Princess Pepper.

Her hair was most crimson and her figure inspired salient pangs of lust that Anne hoped would transpire. Fairy had done well!

“I was told you would come.”


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