A Rift in the System

“Come on! We have fresh input!” barked the Commander. She quickly scanned the premises, then began to feverishly punch coordinates into the motherboard.

“My sources tell me that this is a code red, with an irritant closing in on us. There’s been a rift in the Wit ward today, ma’am.” reported a drone.

“I don’t give an ant’s thorax about the Wit ward! There’s a surplus in Girlish Emotions, and we need backup in Rational Thinking. Tell the Slap monitors to take their hands off the triggers, force won’t be needed yet.” the Commander sighed. ""How are we doing on repairing the rift in Wit? That’s one of our most important accessibilities."

A drone flipped her hair and replied nonchalantly; “Fine, but the Noogie monitors are firing at will. It’s choas!”

The Commander wiped away the mascara that had pooled in the bags under her eyes and responded wearily; “Shut down the Noogie ward completely, we don’t need a repeat of last week.” She shuttered at the thought.“Ready the Comeback reflex; this could get ugly.”

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