She sits at the edge of my bed. Dawn scans my walls, Melissa brushes her hair out of her face, Joanne bites her lower lip.

“I remember that movie,” Dawn says, “That’s a great poster.”

“That was a lot of sushi at dinner,” Melissa says.

Joanne studies her shoes.

I stand in front of the only lamp in my dark room; I imagine to her my features are shadowed and I am a silhouette. I tell Dawn it’s my favorite movie, I agree with Melissa, I study Joanne and smile.

I sit close enough to her so she knows my intentions. Dawn giggles and says I am warm. Melissa asks if we gave the waiter a big enough tip. Joanne starts rubbing the top of her legs.

Dawn leans into my kiss, Melissa decides to accept it, Joanne doesn’t know what to do. She is beautiful. She decides I am what she wants. She has come back here with me.

We break away from making out and she looks down; Dawn is smiling, Joanne is concentrating, Joanne glances up briefly to look into my eyes.

She let’s me pull her down on to my bed.

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