The Blade of Duty

Hawk could only watch as Xan Sei and Diao Chan swam down the river. He couldn’t see into the base. He had no idea what they would find there. Behind him were the army’s commanders. Sun Ce straddled a Hex Mark, its speed lost beside Xan Hak’s Red Hare. Lu Meng would lead Zhao Yun, Li Ru and Cao Pi on foot. A harsh battle cry roused his attention, filling Hawk with fear and dread.

“Face the blade of duty!”

Hak looked at Sun Ce pleadingly. The commander shook his head.

“We must assist them!”

“No! It’s too risky! We shall proceed as planned!”

Lu Meng stepped up, “Don’t get any ideas, Xan. Would you dare defy your commander?”

Hawk stared daggers into his eyes, “I have no commander!” He tugged on the reins and turned away.

“Stop, Hak! Think of what you’re doing!”

“I’m renouncing all ties to Sun Ce and going to rescue my wife and sister! See? I’ve thought of what I’m doing!”

“Stop him!”

The three officers stepped in front of the horse, but stepped aside as his grip tightened on his spear.

He was gone.

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