The Fledgling Pheonix

Hak smashed his way through the camps until he reached the one that he’d seen Xan Sei and Diao Chan enter.

He rode in and there was no sign of his wife, sister or Guan Yu. Instead, sitting there in a meditative position, was Pang Tong.

Dismounting and raising his spear with a flourish, Hawk began his interrogation, “Speak, Rogue! Where is Guan Yu? What happened here?”

“Calm, warrior. I too track the army. Guan Yu fled when he saw me coming, taking his two captive officers with him.”

Two captive officers. A lump formed in Xan Hak’s throat.

“Guan Yu rides with Zhuge Liang’s army. It is the Sleeping Dragon that I track.”

“In that case, I invite you to ride with me. We shall track them together. Zhuge Liang will pay for his misdeeds with his blood. But tell me first, why do you track him?”

“It has been said that I am a great tactician, second only to Zhuge Liang. I intend to disprove this theory by besting the Sleeping Dragon. I will ride with you, as you put it.

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