A Different Kind Of Story

I stand up from the ashes. Pissed off beyond belief.

“Those jack-ass’ really thought they could kill me!” I laugh psychotically as I crack my neck

Blood is all over my leather jacket; rubble and ash surrounding me. I limp over from the football field to the front of the bomb-stricken school building aware of all the dead bodies around me. I don’t care about most of them there’s only about three who mattered here anyway.

I soon encounter the first one. Jamie Carter; The only school president who actually impacted this school. She was the savior for the future though no one realized it. Ruined. Because of me.

I take off my coat and lay it over her and whisper: “This is the best honor I can give you Jamie.. Rest in peace..”

A tear comes into my eye; I place my finger to my eye catching the tear and place it on her forehead.

“That tear is what’s going to be your redemption Jamie. I’ll never cry another tear for you.”

I turn from her and limp into the bomb-stricken school.

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