A Different Kind Of Story #2

As I limp on through the halls pissed off and sad I almost trip over Candy. No not the food..

Candy Kane; The girl I was supposed to marry. I wanted to marry her too.. But we’re too young for that right now. We were too young for other things but that’s a different story.

I step over her and keep limping looking for Alice. The third person that mattered. I’m not heartless; it’s just.. Candy’s death is just too painful to recount.. Kind of like the shock all those obese jack-ass’ would go through and the rest of the world if candy was banned to lower obesity.

I will never eat another piece of candy again.

I limp to the elevator and open the door with my bare hands. My legs are too weak to go up the stairs so I’ll just take the easy way.

The elevator car is in the basement; but I didn’t want or need it. I look up to see that the cables are still attached.

With one leg I allow myself to fall into the shaft and skillfully grab the elevator cable. Hand over hand I begin to pull myself up…

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