Sid gulps as they pull up to Kathleen’s house. They sit in his car for a long time, just talking. Kathleen leans toward him, that sexy grin on her lips. Sid dreamt about those lips.

“Thanks for the ride,” she says, her green, cat-like eyes glowing in the moonlight.

“No problem,” he stutters.

“Call me ‘Kitty’,” she purrs. “Why do you always wear those gloves?” she asks, playing with the fingers of his leather-clad left hand.

He gulps. “You don’t want to know.”

“You’re so mysterious,” she whispers. “It’s sexy.” Dear God, he nearly died. Kathleen leans in closer, their lips nearly touching. The air around them crackles. “Did you feel that?” she asked. Kathleen presses her lips to Sid’s, not waiting for an answer. There’s a buzz and Kathleen jolts back, pressing her fingers to her mouth. “What the hell was that?” She shoves open the passenger door and leaps out. “Freak.”

Sid thumped his head against the head rest. Constantly generating static electricity made it awful difficult to get laid.

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