This Probably Never Happened (But Historians are Still Debating)

The cheering filled the ears of the Noble Knight. The sun was shining behind him. This was a good sign. He mounted his steed. His faithful jousting horse had been with him since as long as he could remember. He had gotten it from his father when she was just a foal, and they had taken an instant liking to each other. He fed her, groomed her, and grew with her.
His opponent was draped in green and gold with his emblem emblazoned on his chest. The Noble Knight could not discern it from here, but it made no difference. His horse looked sickly compared to Magdelyn in all her chestnut glory.
As they charged towards each other, the Noble Knight roared. His arms were too short to reach the reigns, but Magdelyn knew what to do. As he snapped his jaws down onto his opponents helpless neck and feasted on his flesh and blood, the crowd cheered.
His helm ripped off, his scaly head exposed, and the Noble Knight roared in triumph.
For he was the Noble Knight, the Terror of the Pleistocene; Tyrant and Jouster Lizard King

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