Act Now

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Fred: We’re here today to bring you a really special product. Diane, have you ever returned home from the store with a ton of groceries and thought, ’Who’s going to eat all this?’

Diane: Absolutely Fred, who hasn’t?

Fred: Well Diane, what if I told you that I have a product here that can take two pots of coffee, a box of cereal, half a pound of smoked ham, 16 ounces of olives, 6 tacos, half a loaf of bread, half a jar of peanut butter, 40 ounces of milk and a few of those spicy Greek peppers and make it all disappear?

Diane: I’d say sign me up! But is that possible?

Fred: It is! With all new Hungry Law Student. You see, Hungry Law Student is designed to take those 14,000 calories and quickly use them to figure out arcane legal issues and memorize federal procedural rules.

Diane: So it doesn’t even exercise?

Fred: Not at all Diane. But he won’t gain an ounce; in fact, he’s wasting away!

Diane: Does it do anything else?

Fred: No, it mostly just reads huge books and eats. Act now!

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