Trapper Joe's Secret

Trapper Joe, he sit patient-like on de porch swing and listen what de Hollywood man be say.

“We wan’ put you on TV, Joe,” he promise. “We pay you de big dollah, go on de alligator hunt wi’ you and you catch de big gator. You be somebody ’cause you on de TV.”

Now Trapper Joe, a smart coonass. He fish gator thirty year an’ more. He daddy, he daddy’s daddy, all de way back two hunnard year be gator fishers, make dey livin’ in de swamp. He know de honey holes. He know de back swamp. He know where de big gator hide. He know de secrets one and all.

He say yes to what de Hollywood man be say. He say “OK, I take you around de bayou, show you de secret to catch de gator.”

Next mornin’ dey all have Couche-Couche and chickory coffee fo’ dey breakfast den go in Trapper Joe boat. Dey go deep into de back-bayou, look for gator. Joe come back alone, wi’ a 13 footer, say Hollywood man fall in de swamp. Gator get ’im.

Now we know Joe secret to catch the big gator.

It all in de bait.

Laissez les bon temps rouler

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