Donner: Party of Two

“You know that only one of can leave this room.” I wondered if I felt as tired and worn out as Bruce looked.

“I know. Now that there’s two of us it feels real. I wish we had better odds. Fifty-fifty is not that good.” I said. We were getting closer to the truth that both of us were about to be irrevocably changed.

“We already went over this and agreed that our wives and children were exempt. It’s not like I’m any safer. In all likelihood we’ll both die anyway. By the time anyone finds us, it’ll be way too late.” Bruce went silent.

Suddenly, I wanted it to be over right then. I realized that A) sometimes there are hard choices that only a man can make and B) just because you have choices doesn’t mean life is required to give you good ones.

“Let’s get this over with. Take care of my family if it’s me.” I said.

“Same.” His voice was hoarse now.

We both placed a single bullet into each of our guns, spun the chamber, and placed the barrel over each other’s heart. We pulled the triggers until Bruce died.

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