Bullet proof

She stared around, holding her newly injured arm. She gasped in pain as she picked up a pistol and armed it. she looked up at the now fiery night sky.. "Jorge..’ she said, before whipping around to meet face to face with her best friend john. “he-” she stared, "i not fear… he gave his life for ours..’ he said, putting an arm on her shoulder. “he said to make it count..” she said, the wreak reflected from her visor. she was now staring at her feet. “his courage will live on will his name..his legacy..” John said, ’we must move.. before we are consumed as well.." he said, before they both walked away from the now barren, on fire valley. She took one last look behind them, “i promise Jorge..i will not give mater have made me…courageous…strong…bullet proof..” she whispered before turning and re-joining john.

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