Ace of tens

“20 minutes…” he stared anger intruding his voice, “i swaer..i did all that was-” he was cut off by being stabbed in the back, ‘you were saying?" tomeko growled, he grunted as eh was sat down, blood pulsing out of his wound. ’i did what i had to.. and god himself shall judge me..not you!" he screamed, “oh, is that so?” tomeko said with a smirk on his face, "do tell, how is killing half an army of people, count as “good”?" he asked in a nseer, “in the snse that they tried to kill you you lieng self fish untruts worthy peice of shit!” he yelled, tomeko snapped hi fingers, on of his henach men walke dover, held him up, and waited for tomeko to move. tomeko stood up with a pistol, he pointed it at his head and motined for the man to move, “any last words ace?” tomeko growled, an idea sparked inside ace’s head. “yeah, i do as a matter of facet, and they would be..” “EAT THIS!” he grabbed his arm, twise dit backwrads, tomeko droped the gun, ace pciked it up, shot the hench men dead, and shot tomkeo in the head.

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