Offensive Practices

Perkins shoved his hands in his pockets and stared at the floor.

Madame Nostri muttered about death and rats in the hallway. Miss Schilly got on all fours and looked under the door. “You know there’s no rat in the hall. Not one. It’s empty!”

“Like attracts like.” Dr. Delva mused.

“Which is why you created a monster!” Miss Schilly retorted, standing up.

“I thought we agreed that you’d hold your tongue.” Rubbing his temple he recited, “Oh-there’s no more of so much.”

His assistant stomped off to the far corner.

When he looked up he noticed a familiar box.

“Ah!” Dr. Delva seemed pleased. Holding up the box he read, “Parcheesi- the royal game of India! I didn’t even know this was down here. Who’s in?”

His answers consisted of two negatives and an icy silence.

Crestfallen, he put the game back on the shelf. “I thought it would help pass the time.”

Perkins snarled. “Until what? Do you think the monster is going to let us out? We’re going to die down here.”

“Only one of us.” Madame Nostri said softly.

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