Maika Maile.
I just watched this video, and am literally bawling my eyes out.
Maika, you are a very strong person. It must have been hell to go through this when you were so young, and it must be hell to talk about it now. I’ve recently learned some things about my family that aren’t the greatest and I know that talking about these things can feel like your hearts being ripped from your chest. I admire you, not just for talking about the difficult times that have happened in your life, but for showing people that there is a way to get through this. You have shown me that even though things happen, things that you can’t control, things that affect you for the rest of your life, things do get better, and even though the things that have happened never leave you, they change you as a person, sometimes for the better. Thank you so much. You will never know how much help you have given me, and all of your fans, in our times of need. Thank you, for everything.

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